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Welcome to Tailored Professionals

Tailored Professionals is at the forefront of enhancing business productivity by matching the right talent with exceptional jobs. We specialize in IT staffing and consulting, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and a deep passion for people to deliver unparalleled experiences. Our expertise lies in creating custom project solutions and offering insightful consulting services to meet your unique business needs experience possible

Our Services

Our Services

At Tailored Professionals, every service is uniquely crafted to meet your business's distinct needs. We excel in personalizing our approach and technology solutions, ensuring they align perfectly with your specific requirements. Our commitment to customization and adaptability sets us apart, providing a tailored experience in IT staffing and consulting that truly resonates with each client.

Talent Solutions

We consistently provide top-tier talent to our clients. Our talent solutions cover everything your business could need, from contract staffing to permanent employees and everything in between

Employer of Record

Tailored consistently provides unmatched employer of record services for a number of our clients. Our employer of record solution ensures your processes are compliant with local regulations and fit to help your business expand.

Workforce Solutions

We consistently provides unmatched workforce solutions for our clients. Our workforce solutions cover everything your business could need, from compliance and outsourcing to training and development.

IC Compliance

Tailored consistently provides unmatched IC Compliance services for a number of our clients. Our solution enables companies to simplify the talent acquisition process, whilst reducing costs with our fully compliant independent contract engagement process.

Project Solutions

We optimize our business solutions offerings by sourcing entire teams for your organization based on your needs. We do that through our variety of extensive Project Solutions.

IT Training & Development

You need highly trained IT specialists, and we can help you find them. But if you already have the experts on board, and it’s the training and development you need help with - we’ve got options for that, too.


“Tailored Professionals has been an invaluable resource, providing a unique approach, support and direction for many of my projects. I believe Tailored Professionals strength has been the ability to make complex projects simple, immersing himself into my ways of working and providing solutions that meet both my needs and support the company’s long-term goals. On a personal level, Tailored Professionals has helped me to challenge my ways of thinking and as a result shaping how I manage my current role while helping me understand which direction I want my future career to take.”

Jason Strauss
CEO of ML Associates

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