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IC Compliance

Independent contractor misclassification is perhaps the most difficult compliance issue that companies face today. At Tailored Professionals, we understand that to work with the best talent from the contract sector, businesses need to be confident that they can engage talent appropriately.

Our solutions enable companies to simplify the talent acquisition process, whilst reducing costs with our fully compliant independent contract engagement process. Ultimately helping to eliminate risk and improve the quality of their contingent workforce, we use the best technology, developed by leading partners in employment law.

Our use of innovative technology, meets the need to remain compliant with complex and evolving regulations, enables businesses to be more effective and thorough, and provides the flexibility and reduced risk needed by fast-moving companies.

To successfully implement a compliant practice, we augment our process further with technology and testing. This ensures we closely monitor all decisions and regulations, whilst allowing us to create a unique risk profile for each individual case.

We document and screen all data collected, and provide an initial score based on our findings. This allows the manager and business involved to review with clarity and reasoning, before establishing clear milestones to create and maintain the necessary audits.

Now more than ever, it is essential to stay compliant with the ever-changing and increasingly complex federal and state employment regulations. And when you’re up against big decisions, you want experts behind you. That’s why Tailored Professionals is the compliance partner of choice for some of the leading companies across the globe.

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